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From Lay-Off to Leading in Data Insights at Equifax

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"I truly care about my people and we have each others backs as a unit. We understand the differences amongst us, but know everyone ultimately has common core values that makes the connection to the business which makes our group successful." - Ophis Mills 

Ophis Mills, Proactive Initiatives & Insights Leader, has a wealth of experience in leadership and coaching, and has a passion for helping people and organizations achieve their goals. After earning his second degree in Data & Analytics along with receiving a promotion, Ophis found his niche and what makes him excited in his work. 

Please tell us a bit about yourself, your professional background and your career journey to and at Equifax?  

With uncertainty on the horizon of my future, I was blessed to have a new start at Equifax as a Data Quality Analyst within Operations Employer Services. With my passion for data, I wanted to expand my knowledge and skill set and went back to college to obtain my 2nd degree in Data Analytics. I was able to apply for Equifax’s tuition reimbursement program, and it helped fund my continued education. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to learn more and it propelled me further - I received a promotion as a Solution Delivery Consultant where I had the chance to learn Verifier Data. 

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, I played collegiate basketball while graduating with a Business degree. Shortly after graduation, I started my professional career with a telecommunications company that lasted 10 years before my department was let go due to a recent acquisition. 

How does being a coach help make you a better leader at Equifax?

Being a Coach, to me, means being a leader. The role is mutually beneficial in a professional setting. It has allowed me to grow along the way in my role, to be a better person, to know when to put my teammates' needs first, and to have a better understanding of the differences in background and value of each member as a key component to win. My approach allows the team to be free thinkers and have the freedom to make logical business decisions that we can provide insight to are business partners and customers. 

After losing your job in another industry, and coming to Equifax, what has stood out to you about the culture? 

I have been with Equifax for 8 years now and what stands out to me about Equifax is the various professional development opportunities they offer. Additionally, The BOLD organization advocates for African American excellence and embraces our culture. BOLD provides a mindset backed by actions that displays leadership through perseverance and education. 

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