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Finding Purpose and Growth at Equifax Costa Rica

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Laura, Interim Operational Training Manager of Equifax Costa Rica, didn't always know what she wanted to do early in her career, but experienced the pressure of having to make a decision sooner due to life circumstances in her country.

"I struggled to find my path for what I wanted to do in life. Here in Costa Rica, you have to make a critical decision about what you want to study in college early on when you're 16 or 17. As teenagers, we're not always prepared to make that decision. It's a reality for many people in this country that we study and have a job to pay for our studies. So, my story is similar to others in my country. But at 19, I saw learning and development as my career path at Equifax", says Laura.

How did you get your start at Equifax?

I applied for a three-month temporary role at Equifax while simultaneously studying law in college. Near the end of my temporary position, my manager approached me, saying, "You've been performing well and have a lot of potential. We want to continue working with you. So, would you be interested in staying?" Of course, I said yes. I was given a position in quality and training where I found my calling. That was twelve years and three promotions ago.

How have early life experiences shaped your career in fostering growth and creating opportunities?

My mom once told me a story about something I did as a child, even though I don't remember. She says that on my first day of school, I helped other kids find their classrooms to be familiar with where they needed to go.

I really love to train and educate people, help them develop their skills, and watch them thrive. As the Interim Training Manager at Equifax Costa Rica GBS, I ensure that our employees are adequately trained and equipped with the necessary skills to excel in their roles. Each day, I work closely with my team to identify areas where training is needed, develop training programs, and monitor the progress of our employees.

When someone takes the first steps of their career path with Equifax, we explain the different areas of opportunity. Studying engineering or robotics? We have robotic process automation (RPA) teams. If numbers are your thing, accounting and finance is a good option. Equifax has a wide window of opportunities and possibilities for people here to grow. I ensure they understand their options.

How are you able to maintain a healthy work-life balance with ambitious career goals?

What I appreciate most about my direct leadership is that they understand that we need time to fulfill our dreams outside of the office to have an excellent work-life balance. 

During one hectic period in my career, I found myself juggling five courses and a full-time job at Equifax. Although challenging, I knew I could maintain a healthy work/life balance by setting boundaries, establishing a schedule, practicing self-discipline, and practicing self-love.

I see a nutritionist to balance my diet and eat healthily. I meditate in the mornings. I exercise and train four times a week, utilizing the gym at our corporate office. I go hiking with my husband, and my two adopted stray dogs, Cantaloupe and Mango. We adopted them seven years ago, and they're the loves of my life.

I have a robust support system at home and in the workplace to stay focused on my goals.

What do you enjoy about working at Equifax?

I wake up excited to work because I enjoy seeing people thrive in their jobs. The people I work with at Equifax are genuinely impressive. Every day, we greet each other with a smile and ask about each other's lives outside of work. We support each other during stressful times and celebrate each other's accomplishments. The atmosphere in our office is one of collaboration and teamwork, and the culture at Equifax is one of respect and inclusivity.

You're not just an employee. People here really care about you.

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