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Half Marathon Runner’s Mindset on Career Growth

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Seven years ago, Lisa and her friends set a goal to run or walk a half marathon in every state. Not only has she collected medals but Lisa has also reflected on how running and her job intersect.

“Running, like work, is a mind game. Your mind will tell you that you are tired, out of breath, in pain, that you want to stop. The same is true in your career, you will hit bumps in the road that tell you that you are not good enough, smart enough, capable enough. You have to constantly shift your mindset to not believe those things and believe you can and you will.”

Lisa joined Equifax as a Data Quality Analyst and after several promotions is now our Leader of The Work Number (TWN) Integrations. Just like running her half marathons, Lisa focuses on what motivates her. “At Equifax I’ve been able to build a career for life, I have been kept challenged, gently pushed but also encouraged to maintain work/life balance which is extremely important to me.”  

Just like in running, there is no one true path, only multiple routes to the finish line. “Your career is what you make it at Equifax. If you want to be a daily contributor or a SME, there is a need for that.  If you want to do the same thing but in a different area of the company or for a different product, there is a need for that. If you want to be a Leader, there is a need for that.”  

As we cheer on Lisa from the sidelines of her races and her career, she did want to leave us one more piece of advice; “don’t sweat the small stuff.” A perfect quote from a true runner!

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