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From Technical Expert to Leadership at Equifax India

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Software Engineering Manager Sunil P. is a proud father, explorer, and soccer, and in addition, is also a pivotal member of our Equifax India team. Sunil's story is just one example of the many talented and passionate individuals who make up our team. We sat down with Sunil to discuss his professional development and the valuable lessons he has learned from his mentors.

Tell us about a significant experience in your professional journey that has profoundly affected your personal and career growth.

As the Technical Lead for a core development team tasked with creating a new platform, I had the chance to oversee its development, provide support, and roll it out to clients. Before this experience, I had only been a part of a technical team, but the leadership role allowed me to transition into management. It was a significant turning point in my career. 

I had the opportunity to lead the development team and collaborate with various stakeholders, including operations, sales, and product teams. Though it was initially challenging regarding bandwidth and capabilities, I found the experience incredibly gratifying, and piqued my interest in learning more about credit bureaus and financial institutions. I wanted to present our product to these institutions and better understand their use cases. 

The management position allowed me to gain valuable knowledge about India's financial landscape and interact with customers directly on a large scale for the first time in my career. It was a rewarding opportunity that ultimately led to my professional development. Knowing that the systems I contributed to 10 years ago are running smoothly and still benefiting customers fills me with pride.

What important lessons have you learned about leadership from those who have mentored you?

I am grateful for the invaluable guidance and mentorship provided by senior leadership. Support from my leaders enabled me to gain valuable experience in managing multiple stakeholders, prioritizing work, and effectively leading a team.

I was allowed to expand my horizons and explore new ways of thinking. I have been able to assume responsibility for various projects, carefully weigh strategic decisions, and devise creative solutions. The autonomy significantly bolstered my confidence and honed my ability to make sound choices.   

Having access to such support is essential in advancing one's career. My leadership's support was instrumental in helping me steer the team toward meeting the organization's goals and has been vital to my professional growth and development as a leader. I am fortunate to continue to receive their support even today. 

Apart from technical skills, what other qualities do you think are crucial for someone who wants to become a part of Equifax?

In addition to having the necessary technical skills, maintaining a positive outlook, a balanced approach to handling challenging situations, and a customer-focused attitude are crucial in dealing with multiple stakeholders and competing priorities. Furthermore, being enthusiastic about learning new technologies and expanding one's knowledge base is essential. Expanding your skill set can open up new, exciting career paths you may not have considered.

In your opinion, what stands out as the most appealing aspect of being a part of Equifax? 

Equifax's data insights change millions of lives every year. Our data enables our customers to make smarter and better decisions to improve their businesses, financial well-being, and overall quality of life.

If data, analytics, and technology are your thing, then Equifax is the best place for you to be. Our teams work every day to process a vast amount of information across various platforms. Our ultimate goal is to develop and sustain our platforms and data to positively impact people's lives. In real-time, individuals use our data to make informed decisions and improve their lives. 

Knowing that our data and data points contribute to positive changes in people's lives, specifically in India, sets us apart from other organizations.

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