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Finding a Company You Believe In: Financial Inclusion and Diversity

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“I really like working for an organization where I believe in the products and services we offer.” Solutions Director, Nikki Washington, is realistic about how work is a major part of our lives. That’s why she wanted to make sure her values aligned with the company she worked for, and that desire brought her to Equifax.

Nikki is co-chair of Equifax’s employee resource group BOLD, Black Organization for Leveraging Differences. “I appreciate that Equifax allows us to have [these] organizations, that they support [these] organizations.” 

Her passion for BOLD goes hand-in-hand with making sure financial inclusion is top of mind. “The whole idea behind financial inclusion is to make sure that everybody has the opportunity to own a home, own a car, get the loans and things that they need.” 

She works with Equifax’s Employee Workforce Solutions to help take the subjectivity out of major financial decisions. “We found that when lenders use [our] data…they are able to make better and more lending decisions.” This creates more diversity in areas like the home buying market and works to level the playing field for everyone.

So what does Nikki appreciate most from Equifax? “I find the company values contributors, values contributions. If you work hard.” 

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