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Unlock the Power of Workplace Communication

Nipa Modi 2

Communication helps us connect with others, whether it’s off the clock or in the office. Workplace communication can be inspiring, especially when it comes from a leader. 

Nipa Modi, SVP of Business Development at Equifax India, often finds motivation in our CEO, Mark Begor’s weekly emails. “Having weekly updates from our global CEO and International leaders provides transparency, updates and innovations that senior leaders are involved in and that is truly inspirational and motivational.”

Nipa oversees, “4 business verticals - Fintech, Insurance, NBFC and Workforce Solutions for India.” While this seems like a heavy life, she juggles the ever-growing verticals through her hard working team, “I [make] sure the teams are aligned [in] growth and innovation.”

As a woman in the workplace, she is proud to take on this major role, “leaders reposed their confidence in me to lead [these] business verticals…and collaborated with me to make these successful. I am now also on the Board of Equifax’s Analytics organization and this comes with additional responsibility and empowerment.”

When it comes to instilling confidence in her team, Nipa tends to “provide growth opportunities…or enhanced responsibilities and each of these [employees] have turned out to be star performers.”

“I, in return, am very transparent, communicate the vision of the organization, hold myself and the team accountable and responsible for our individual KPIs.”

The characteristics she looks for when hiring for her team are, “commitment, discipline, never give up attitude and passion.”

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