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On Bringing Your Whole Self to Work

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Joel Rickman, SVP of Verification Services at Equifax Workforce Solutions, shares how he was encouraged to fully be himself at work and how doing so has had a positive effect on his team and his career in this video.

When Joel first started his career at Equifax, he was a little bit reserved but one day got the advice, “Joel, unleash yourself. Come to work and be yourself. Let everyone see your passion and your excitement.” Heeding the advice, for Halloween he decided to show up in a head to toe Batman costume. Since then, Joel also had a full Equifax suit created because of how proud he is of the work his team gets to do on a daily basis. 

Joel shows his Equifax pride in the outfit transformation below:


“Why am I proud? It has to do with the people here. We are an amazing team. We bring together the brightest minds from Sales, from Data & Analytics, from Marketing, and from Customer Service - we come together with the goal of helping others live their financial best. And we come to work each day as ourselves, knowing that each of us are unique. And it’s those unique experiences, unique skills that enable us to work together collaboratively, challenging each other, and looking for the next great breakthrough.”

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