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How a Fútbol Game Led to a Career Opportunity

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Balmukund was working as a contractor at Equifax when a friendly fútbol game opened the doors for him to take on a new opportunity within the company.

“While playing fútbol, one of my friends informed me about [an opening] for Integration Lead…I was interested and applied… and got selected for [the] role.”

Balmukund, Associate Manager of Data Integration, and his team are proud of their achievements, “Me and my colleagues were able to integrate 79 members for Q2 2022. This was the biggest achievement as this helped the company to grow. Equifax always promotes and encourages your good work which keeps you motivated.”

Inspiring team members to soak up all aspects of the business is one of Balmukund’s priorities. “If someone really wants to learn something new everyday and expand their knowledge, they should choose Equifax.” 

“I ask them to socialize with other team members, so they can get some idea of other departments and their function. To improve their skill set, I ask them to learn new technology and management skills.”

“Equifax is a great place to explore your knowledge, learn new things which will help you to build your confidence.” 

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