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Head of Insights Finds Career Fulfillment in Powering Her Clients with Knowledge

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Avid dancer, swimming enthusiast, and bookworm, Shruti Joshi, brings a lot of passion to her role as the Head of Insights within the Data and Analytics vertical at Equifax India. 

With a penchant for seeking continuous improvement, she is proud of her team’s efforts as well as with her own growth, which has resulted in the delivery of even stronger insights for clients. These insights help power decisions with the ultimate goal of helping others live their financial best.

“Today we are the pioneers of insights in the industry and a leader in publications and newsletters, which are much sought after.”

What factors played a role in your professional development at Equifax?

Learning is an ongoing process. There are many factors that have helped play a role in my growth, mainly the support and learning from my manager and senior management, client interaction, discussions with colleagues, and recognition of the work done have played an important role in my development.

Are there any projects that you worked on that you are particularly proud of?

I am proud of many projects that I [have been involved with]. The critical ones that have helped clients and helped Equifax grow are insights reports for Indusind Bank, aiding regulators to understand the overall credit scenario through industry insights, strategic insights for clients, consultative insights for regulators, quarterly business reviews with CEO’s, etc.

What do you enjoy most about the Equifax culture?

I enjoy the open culture at Equifax. I like that Equifax gives us ample opportunities to work across various functions and gain experience that will ultimately help us be excellent leaders.

Shruti also serves as the site leader for Equifax’s InspireAsian network. “This is one of the [first] opportunities India [has] had to be a part of a global network that helps employees achieve goals on mentoring, inclusiveness and cultural awareness, which were the main motivating factors for me to join InspireAsian’s India leadership chair role.”

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