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Career Chat: Navigating Through Failure and Risk-Taking with Executive Bryson Koehler

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Bryson Koehler was exposed to technology at a very young age. His dad would bring home an unused computer from work, along with all of the latest gadgets. Bryson taught himself how to code and he always had a real curiosity about technology. 

Having had such a wide range of experiences leading up to his current position as Chief Technology, Product and D&A Officer at Equifax, we got to know more about Bryson and his thoughts around career growth, how to navigate through failure, and risk-taking.

Beyond your early exposure to technology, were there any other key moments in your life that led you to the position you currently hold?

I talked with my grandfather when I was weighing out my options and deciding where to go to school. I originally wanted to go into something engineering related, though my grandfather advised that since I was already so proficient in the realm of engineering, that it may be worth exploring what else I could learn. 

Heeding his (what I thought was good) advice, I decided to go to North Carolina and majored in areas I wanted to learn more about. I studied Political Science and Interpersonal Communications. It turns out that in order to do this job, there is a lot of politics and interpersonal communications. 

Outside of that, always volunteering, and continuing to put myself out there, led me to where I am today.

What would you tell your younger self knowing what you do now when it comes to career growth?

Be patient. The journey is the destination. It’s what gives you the exposure, the experiences, the lessons; it makes you better. Enjoy the journey and don’t worry about the destination as much.

What do you find most common in people you have worked with who excel in innovative ideas? 

The difference between those who accomplish a lot and those who don’t are those who push and drive themselves for excellence. They not only push themselves but they also push their teams, making sure that everyone around them is working towards the same goal. 

It’s rare that one person can drive innovation, and it’s rare that one person can really accomplish anything of size. 

“As a decision intelligence company..our job is to help people make less risky decisions or balance the risk in a way that they’re comfortable,” says Bryson.

Hear more about Bryson’s thoughts on risk-taking and how we approach work here.

When Bryson is not working or unwinding from the day, you might find him jamming out to his favorite tunes in his car.

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