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Growing a Family and a Career

Chaheta Gupta 1024X768 PYP

Chaheta’s smile in this family picture tells you everything. Family is her priority. Like many women in the workforce, Chaheta is a working mom, striving to create a work/life balance. And she says Equifax has always supported her.

“Right from my recruitment to my movement in locations as an individual contributor, to supporting me to lead a team…I was always encouraged to give it my best.”

Less than two years after joining Equifax, Chaheta was promoted, “I joined Equifax [after] a career break to tend to my children. I was given an opportunity to lead a team and we grew from two members to seven.”

Since then, her team has hit new milestones within the company. “[We were the] first across Equifax to establish the use case of ‘prefill' product. This product allows for a pre-population of personal identifiable information…and ensures a seamless digital journey for a customer logging in to a Fintech app.”

“Equifax gave me a wider role…it’s a new challenge every day…and it gives me the motivation to contribute to the organization's growth.”

So who is she looking for in a new hire? “I look for their energy, positive mindset/attitude and aggression/hunger to learn and grow.”

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