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Charting a Non Linear Career Path at Equifax

Alison A

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"My career path has been very unconventional. I’ve been attracted to moves that have exposed me to new areas or functions within Equifax to broaden my knowledge and expertise across the business." - Alison Ackerman

Alison pivoted quite a few times while also advancing in her career during her time at Equifax - from working in Business Intelligence to Finance to Strategy & Execution and now in Sales as a Sales Leader on the Global Alliances team.

In this video, she shares more about what influenced her career moves along with some pieces of advice for anyone else looking to drive and develop their career.

What have you learned from taking a unique approach to charting your career path?

A mentor of mine once told me - if you aren’t uncomfortable, you aren’t growing. In evaluating career opportunities that have been presented to me over the years (there have been quite a few I ended up not taking) I’ve prioritized ones that truly stretch me out of my comfort zone, which is where so much of my development has come from. Once I start to feel comfortable with a role, I know it’s time to start looking for ways to push myself again - whether through new projects or new positions.

What do you enjoy most about the culture at Equifax?

Without a doubt, it’s the amazing individuals I get to work with - many of whom I’ve formed close friendships with. 

Alison also noted that “in the decade I’ve been with Equifax, I’ve lived through so many major life events - bought a house, got married, started a family. Throughout all the needs and craziness that goes with those life events, I’ve felt completely supported by Equifax.“

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