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A Guiding Light for Growth at Equifax

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Starting at a new company can be overwhelming and even trigger the dreaded imposter syndrome. Equifax Experience Manager, Angie Nicholson, recognizes this and has set out to welcome new hires and make sure they know they are in the right job.

Meeting people is key to feeling comfortable in a new environment, and it’s also a major tool when it comes to growth. While it may be intimidating for a new hire to reach out to leadership, Angie believes it’s one of the best ways to lay a path for future growth.

Angie says, “One of the things that I’ve suggested to new hires within their first 60-90 days is to put a 30 minute ‘interview’ invite on the schedule of one or two of our more senior leaders.  I encourage them to make this time their own, to get to know the leader and their goals as well as their career path to this point.”

To break the barrier between leaders and new hires, Angie helped create a mentorship program. It empowers employees to build a career-lasting relationship with their managers, coworkers and senior leadership.

“...we piloted [the mentorship program] with the support of senior leaders and sponsors. The pairings were intentional. We got fantastic feedback from the participants...both mentors and mentees had a valuable and impactful experience. Some mentees were promoted as a result and some intend to become mentors for the next cohort!” 

What’s one more piece of advice Angie has for new hires…feedback! But it’s not a one way street, Equifax encourages feedback from managers *and* new hires.

“Hearing whether [new hires] found the [onboarding] process easy, whether they felt welcomed and had the equipment they needed and being able to fix issues is key to our success and sets the tone for our relationship…whether it’s rewarding someone for their efforts and results or mending a misunderstanding or fixing a process lets employees know how important their input is to our growth and success.” 

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