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How to Grow in Your Career with Executive Lisa Nelson

Lisa Nelson

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“What do you know, that I don’t know, that you think I should know?”, is a question that Lisa Nelson, EVP and President of International, asks employee groups when she meets with teams around the globe. She knows that every individual has unique value and encourages them to harness it.

“Sometimes people put executives in a space that is so far away from where they [themselves] are at,” says Lisa.

She recounted a personal story about how career growth didn’t always look like an upward progression in her journey. Lisa also gives her top tips when it comes to growing in your career, and more.

What advice would you share to those who are looking to grow in their career?

  • Be open to different opportunities. That can sometimes look like a lateral move or a step in a different direction. Don’t always fixate on moving upwards.
  • Know that what you’re doing matters and find joy in that work.
  • Feel good about quantifying your value so that you and others around you can see the value you’re driving into the organization.

What do you find most in common with those who excel in innovative ideas?

They are naturally curious and it starts with seeking to understand others. This could open doors to new ideas and solutions. 

Also, having the courage to ask questions that you think maybe you should already know the answer to, or having the courage to show up a little bit vulnerable in a situation, again, often opens doors to thinking differently, which leads to innovation.  

What personal skills do you look for when making key hiring decisions?  

Table stakes are experience - is the candidate able to articulate examples of their accomplishments that are important to do the role that they are hiring for? 

Beyond that, what really matters to me is confidence balanced with curiosity. 

We need to have confidence in what we’re taking on, and as we’re working with others.

And continuing to be curious, seek to understand, and be inquisitive about how we might do things better or differently to continue the innovation and continue the growth of the business that we’re driving.

Fun fact! Lisa has many secret talents, one of which is that she was a synchronized swimmer back in the day. She started at a young age and then continued to swim competitively throughout highschool. She can still do her ballet legs and all kinds of magical things in the water!

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