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Build a Better Career, Build a Better World

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Working at Equifax opens the doors to many different perspectives, people and cultures. Our teams around the globe speak several languages, celebrate unique holidays, yet we are all driven to help build a better world.

Managing Director of Product, Technology, and Engineering at Equifax India, Vivek Agarwal, is not only working towards this mission, but it’s his passion, “...this larger purpose of opening the doors for people to live their financial best, gives a whole new meaning to my work and our work at Equifax.”

He knows that with the right team and work culture, anything is possible, “I love the fact that I work with some great minds who share my passion of using technology to make this world a better place.”

How does technology play a role in the impact we make on the economy and the types of solutions we are building?

Equifax is one of the top 3 credit bureaus in the world with a major footprint in the Americas, Western Europe and Australia/New Zealand. It started India operations in 2010 when RBI permitted additional credit bureaus. Now we are in the process of building our global center of excellence in India to provide product development, technology, engineering, and analytics solutions and services to Equifax businesses globally. India offers us size, scale and skills to take Equifax forward in its journey of becoming a cutting edge data, analytics and technology company to help its clients make critical decisions with greater confidence. 

“...we embody good work-life integration…that allows for meaningful collaboration, innovation, and time for focus work.”

Vivek is also a big proponent of encouraging the team to showcase who they are beyond their work.

“We have regular sessions where employees can share their hobbies and the things they are passionate about. “

As for one of Vivek’s unique passions? He is a poet! We asked him to share one of his poems with us:

“Here are a couple of lines from one of my poems that I had written for my son:

ऐ मुन्ने तू मुझे बता, तेरे क्या क्या सपने हैं

कौन से हैं औरों ने चुने, और कौन से तेरे अपने हैं।

जिंदगी अगर एक चित्र है, तो तुझे ही इसे बनाना है।

रंग जो लगते तुझको प्यारे, उनसे ही इसे सजाना है।”


Oh child, do tell me, what are your dreams, 

Which ones were chosen by others, and which ones are your own themes?

If life is a canvas, then it's up to you to paint it, 

Adorn it with colors that you find endearing, and do it with great wit.


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