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Working in Engineering and Data & Analytics at Equifax

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Yuvaraj Sankaran started as a software engineer early in his career and now holds the title of Chief Architect of Data Fabric & Decision Science at Equifax. Upon meeting Yuvaraj for the first time, you could sense his enthusiasm and understanding of our efforts to collaborate.

With this type of spirit coupled with his love for and his expertise in tackling challenging business and technology problems, it’s no wonder he has made a name for himself. He is a part of the Fellows Program at Equifax. An Equifax Fellow is a highly regarded colleague who is recognized for their skills, knowledge and contributions in technology, security, data or analytics. 

Notably, Yuvaraj has led and mentored technology teams that played a major role in key initiatives over the years. He has also authored multiple patents, namely around PII vault-based security and another around Feature Engineering in the Data & Analytics space.

What does he believe contributes to success when working as a technologist? Watch as he speaks on the importance of influencing and why he continues to stay engaged in the work he has been involved with over the years.

What drives you day in and day out in your role at Equifax?

What really drives me and keeps me excited day in and day out here is the amount of opportunity to build and innovate on technology solutions that don’t exist in our industry. For example, we built our own Big Data Platforms back when there were no Big Data concepts in the industry, we built our own Databases on Main Frames, when Relational Databases did not exist. 

Today we are in the pursuit of building the first and only Cloud Native Credit Bureau. All of these were unique problems and Equifax is tackling them in a highly regulated space.

When did you know that engineering and science were going to be your career path?

My first brush with computer science and programming was in high school and I used Basic as the programming language. I fell in love with the ability to express logic in a programming language. [I] have been [a] coder ever since.

Are there any factors that played a role in your personal and professional development at Equifax?

I was lucky to be part of very good Engineering and platform teams. I was part of the Interconnect (our Global decisioning platform), Cambrian (our Global Analytical Platform) and now part of the Data Fabric and Decision Science team that build all our Data and Decisioning platforms globally. To be able to build platforms that can handle several different use cases for different business units in multiple geographies has been a dream of mine. I am able to pursue that at Equifax.

What is something others may not know about you?

I love cricket (like most Indians), I can cook Indian food, I love travel and music. I used to play Chess (no time these days) . I have recently started playing badminton and enjoy that very much!

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