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5 Things You Can Do to Accelerate Your Career

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There are many ways one can progress in their career, whether it’s taking on more responsibilities, expanding their scope, or even taking a step back to move forward. As an example, take Brooke Beach's journey with Equifax. Starting as a contract worker, she gained exposure to various aspects of the organization before discovering her passion. Through hard work and dedication, Brooke created her role as Director of Talent Strategy for Insights & Analytics and is now embarking on a new path as Learning & Talent Senior Program Manager. So, what can you do to advance your career? Here are five tips from Brooke to get you started.

Become a Business Junkie

Gain a deep understanding of your organization's strategy and how that applies to what you're doing day in and day out. Making that connection can give more meaning to your work, and you can relate what you're doing to your boss and peers to show impact.

Be a Courageous Advocate

Investing in your professional relationships is a huge part of progressing or accelerating your career. Be an advocate or an ambassador for the work of your peers to create more trust. The other part of being a courageous advocate is advocating for yourself. That means knowing when to stand up for yourself and the work that you're doing. 

Have a Productive Mindset

A person with a productive mindset is curious, motivated, open-minded, persistent, and has a vision. That mindset is about using critical thinking to see "What could be" out of every situation.

Invest in Yourself and Your Professional Development

You have to put in the work to see the return. What are you doing to develop yourself? Are you taking advantage of seminars and conferences? The real important piece of that investment is applying it and referencing it, not just going and attending the seminars to check a box. That's also going to show your managers that you're putting it to work every day and applying that knowledge to continue to grow.

Create a Feedback Loop

We always say feedback is a gift, but how are you maintaining or improving in those areas if you're not creating a loop? When gathering feedback from your leaders, peers, and strategic partners, take those pieces, work on them, and then follow up to create the feedback loop. It shows them that you're listening and that you value them. It also shows your boss that you're investing in yourself. Feedback always needs to be very specific, and ultimately feedback needs to be ruthless.

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