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What to Expect During the Hiring Process at Equifax

Erin & Monica 2

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So you’ve submitted your job application and wonder what the future could hold as far as next steps.

“Matchmakers” aka recruiters, Erin and Monica are here to give you the inside scoop.

Many parallels can be drawn from dating and job hunting. In both instances, you go on dates (or interviews) to get to know each other better and generally both parties aim to make a good first impression. Finding a great match, whether it’s from seeking out a suitable partner, or looking for a job opportunity that will check all of the boxes, is no easy feat! 

We might not be able to help you with your dating life, but we can give some tips and provide insight into how to best prepare as you go through an interview process at Equifax.

From applying to a role to your initial conversation with a recruiter to getting ready for an interview, Erin and Monica cover it all!

They cover topics such as:

  • How do you apply for a job at Equifax?
  • How to get ready for a phone screen with the recruiter?
  • How to prepare for interview(s) whether in-person or virtual?
  • What to do after the interviews are complete?

Watch the video to hear Erin and Monica’s perspective and learn more about what to expect during the hiring process from a recruiter perspective.

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