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How to Best Prepare for an Interview: Tips from a Hiring Manager

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"Interviewing is a skill, and like any skill, it takes practice and constant sharpening.” - Jaime Hawkins

Jaime Hawkins, Business Development Sales Leader at Equifax, has interviewed numerous candidates and shares her perspective as a hiring manager on what interviewers are really looking for during the process in this video.

She believes that there are key tips that anyone can keep in mind for their next interview to ensure that:

  1. The interview feels good (meaning it goes smoothly and feels like a very natural conversation) and
  2. You are helping set yourself apart from the other candidates

So how does one go about setting themselves up for success in their next interview?

Jaime walks us through some of her top interviewing tips and covers questions such as:

  • What should you prepare for an interview?
  • Where are common areas of improvement for candidates during an interview?
  • How can you effectively respond to prompts such as “So tell me a little about yourself..” and “Tell me about a time when...”?
  • What can you do after the interview to really help seal the deal and cement that positive impression you made on the interviewer?

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