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Financial Analyst

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Accounts Receivable Role
What to expect from the role
 Hands-on experience with managing and supervising the accounts receivable department and ensuring
the payments are collected from clients on time.
 Exposure to accounting processes, client servicing, etc.
 Learning how to organize, multitask and manage time.
 Learn on the job regarding the best practices in accounting.
 Exposure to the field of accounting and its various responsibilities.
 In charge of collecting payments from clients and ensure they are done on time.
 Manages the staff part of the accounts receivable department of the company.
 Set regular weekly and monthly deadlines to process the payment and apply the cash.
 Prepare reports of regular intervals (weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual) making forecasts on
receivable flow.
 Oversee the processing and organizing of bills, records and invoices ensuring quality maintenance at every
 Ensure that all practices comply with the law (GST, TDS).
 Negotiate and settle non-payment disputes with clients efficiently and effectively.
 Keep in touch with the industry’s best practices and keep updating.
 Keeps track of all payment transactions to be upheld by the company’s clients.
 Improvise on the reporting to facilitate support to business.
 A bachelor's degree in business administration, accounting, finance, or related field preferred
 Four or more years of accounting experience and a CPA certificate is a plus.
 Experience with leadership communication and display problem-solving capabilities.
 Advanced computer skills (MS Office) with prior experience working with accounting software like
General Ledger (Oracle) software are a must.
 Strong interpersonal and communication skills to interact with employees, superiors and customers.
 Strong analytical and time management skills.
 Good presentation skills.
 Well planned, organized with keen attention to detail.

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