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Women in Technology (WIT) Finalist on her Career Choice

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“Previously, when I was working [in prior companies], I always kept my personal passions in life separate from what I'm doing and focusing on at work, but I feel here, it allows for space to combine your passions and things that you are truly wanting to get done and be impactful in your community.” - E’lon Ciriaco

E’lon Ciriaco always knew that Fintech was an area of interest since her days in college. She has progressed within the product management career path specializing in the financial service industry over the years. E’lon now works as Sr. Global Platform Product Manager at Equifax, a global data, analytics, and technology company. “We are able to not only impact the roadmap for our product here, but because I work on a global team, you're also impacting the products that will be built around the globe,” she said.

She is a 2022 finalist for the Women in Technology (WIT) ‘Woman to Watch Award’ and serves as the Equifax YoPros Lead Representative at WIT. With her level of expertise and contagious passion for serving and elevating others to their highest potential, not only are we not surprised about her award nomination but we are thrilled she is receiving the recognition.  

Why did you choose Equifax?

“I really feel that Equifax cares about their employees, their development and the passions that they have. We're able to get involved in activities that they host here on my campus, but also campuses around the globe. They also have mentorship opportunities and volunteer days.”

Born in the Dominican Republic, E’lon enjoys speaking Spanish with other colleagues across the globe.

“Another unique reason why I love the culture here at Equifax is because I believe that I truly get to bring my authentic, true, full self to work.”

“You can be as involved as you want to,” shares E’lon. Not only does she serve outside organizations such as WIT (Women in Technology) and TAG (Technology Association of Georgia), she is also highly involved with Equifax’s various councils and employee resource groups namely TECHcelerators, WATT (Women Advancing Technology Together), HOLA (Hispanic Organization and Latinx Alliance) and BOLD (Black Organization Leveraging Differences).

E’lon believes that partaking in all of the mentorship, volunteering, and employee resource group opportunities as well as genuinely enjoying being challenged in different ways has played a big role in her growth.

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