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Rajesh Pradhan (1)

Pushing Boundaries and Capturing Moments, both in Code and Pixels

Rajesh Pradhan, an avid photographer and Solutions Architect with Equifax India, shares his journey of entrepreneurial drive and creative passion that drives him to excel in both his professional and personal pursuits.

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Bryson Career (2)

Career Chat: Navigating Through Failure and Risk-Taking with Executive Bryson Koehler

Having had such a wide range of experiences leading up to his current position as Chief Technology, Product and D&A Officer at Equifax, we got to know more about Bryson and his thoughts around career growth, how to navigate through failure, and more.

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Nipa Modi 2

Unlock the Power of Workplace Communication

Nipa Modi, SVP of Business Development at Equifax India, speaks on the power of how effective and empowering communications can have a trickle down effect on our workforce as well as how she leads her teams.

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Nick Knopf 2

How this Triathlete and Tech Leader Reached New Heights in his Life and Career

Nick Knopf, triathlete and Software Engineer Manager with Equifax Workforce Solutions, shares his story of taking on new challenges, be it a difficult race or stepping into a leadership role for the first time.

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Patricia Smith

Embracing Diversity: Patricia Smith - A Journey of Inclusion and Allyship

In celebration of Global Diversity Awareness Month, we delve into the inspiring life of Patricia Smith, Technical Client Support Analyst for Equifax, and a dedicated advocate for diversity and inclusion.

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Shruti Joshi 1024X768 PYP

Head of Insights Finds Career Fulfillment in Powering Her Clients with Knowledge

Shruti Joshi, Head of Insights at Equifax India, shares about what has driven her professional growth and her passion for delivering strong insights for clients.

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Sunil P 1024X768 PYP

From Technical Expert to Leadership at Equifax India

Sunil, who has a passion for learning new technologies, shares his inspiring story about entering a management position for the first time and how support from mentors positively impacted his career development.

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Chaheta Gupta 1024X768 PYP

Growing a Family and a Career

As a mother of two, Chaheta Gupta, took on a new opportunity after a career break. She started as an individual contributor and was promoted to leading a team in less than two years after joining Equifax.

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Laura Carolina Mora Porras 1024X768 PYP

Finding Purpose and Growth at Equifax Costa Rica

In spite of experiencing the pressure of deciding on her career path early on before stepping into the workforce, Laura Carolina Mora Porras found her calling. It all started with an opportunity at Equifax Costa Rica.

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Balmukund Madhukar 1024X768 PYP

How a Fútbol Game Led to a Career Opportunity

Balmukund, Associate Manager of Data Integration at Equifax India, shares his career journey from his start at Equifax to now inspiring others to continue learning and growing.

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Pavi 1280X720

A Passion that Led to the Governor’s Mansion

As an Equifax Project Manager, Pavithra Natarajan is an expert at balancing her work and her passion for volunteering. She was thrilled when she learned that our company encourages employees to give back to the community.

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RDP Thumbnail 2

Equifax Early Careers: Why Join Our Rotational Development Program?

Are you getting ready to graduate and not sure of what kind of role will suit you? Ashton, Zion, Esha, Nate, and Janai share insights into what their experience has been like going through Equifax's Rotational Development Program.

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